Winlink Express: ARDOP & VARA integrated

As of today, there is a beta version of Winlink Express which integrates the new software TNCs ARDOP and even VARA. There is also an update for the corresponding RMS Trimode software (the counterpart for RMS Gateways).

You may install and test the version using the Flag (within settings) Automaticaly install field-test (beta) versions of Winlink Express. Click update. After the restart of Winlink Express, the application will search for new (beta) software and install it automatically.


2 thoughts on “Winlink Express: ARDOP & VARA integrated


    Doing some quick testing with Winlink Express, I have not been able to get the Vara modem to initialize under Winlink. The TCP connection is refused. I suspect it is because I am using an evaluation version of Vara, and the “Buy Now” screen is up when Winlink tries to connect. I’ll test that further tonight.
    -Scott, NS7C

    1. Scott, I assume that you use the latest beta versions of both Winlink (>= and VARA (>=1.7.2) on the same machine, right? Check whether you have identical TCP port settings in Winlink and VARA and that the Virtual TNC host address is set to (you may replace this by the local ip address of your machine for testing).
      The absence of a license key only restricts the maximum speed to 113 bps – nothing else.
      Hope, you´ll get this to work.

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